Luciana Molina

The Author as Producer by Walter Benjamin and Digital Narrative as Praxis

In the current globalized world, new medias have become an important tool in political praxis. Taking that into account, we could raise the question: Is it possible to see the digital narrative as a kind of praxis? In his essay The Author as Producer, Walter Benjamin argues that, as long as the author transforms the media, literature could be used for a liberating praxis. Traditionally, this essay has been read with great interest in the fields of Philosophy of Art and Aesthetics. It is my main aim in this presentation to highlight the philosophical and political contributions of the essay in order to indicate some revolutionary potentialities of the relationship between praxis and new media.

Luciana Molina Queiroz is a PhD Candidate at State University of Campinas (Unicamp/Brazil) and a visiting Researcher at University of Alberta (Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies).