Matty Flores

Superhero Stories and Why They Matter: The Origin of the Real-Life SpiderMable

Stories help us to connect and communicate with each other. Throughout history, the collection of these stories formed the mythology of a culture and way to share and understand a culture’s experiences, values, and beliefs. Sociocultural theory studies teach us how society shapes our culture and influences us. A literature gap exists that looks at the relationship of superhero stories and the impact how these stories engage individuals towards a common goal. Accordingly, my research, which is guided by a socio-culturalism perspective, uses an exploratory single-case study approach and qualitative method to understand   “Why do Edmontonians relate to ‘real-life’ superhero stories such as SpiderMable?”  I will use discourse analysis and content analysis to analyze Twitter content referencing #spidermable stories in Edmonton over  a 48-hour period to understand why heroes unite individuals. My findings will provide insight into the influence superheroes have on society and how these stories affect and can inspire behaviours, unity, and social constructionism during difficult times like medical challenges.

Matty Flores is a wonderer. His explorations throughout 75 countries fuel his passion for storytelling as he is fascinated by stories of history, people, and cultures from around the world. Once upon a time… he was a television journalist, before working as a communications consultant for industry and government.