The symposium will take place in Triffo Hall, Room 1-16.

9.00-9.30h Registration & coffee
9.30-9.45h Welcome & introductions (AE)
9.45-11.15h Session 1: Dialogue – Dialectics – Activism (chair: Astrid Ensslin)

  • Natalie Kononenko et al. (MLCS), “Cultural Dialogues – Digital Means”
  • Luciana Molina (MLCS), “The Author as Producer by Walter Benjamin and Digital Narrative as Praxis”
  • Jaimie Baron (EFS), “The Ethics of Interruption: Refiguring Dominant Narratives through Digital Practice”
  • Andreas Stuhlmann (MLCS), “The Dialectics of the Mediascapes: their promises and perils for global art and activism”
  • Carrie Smith-Prei (MLCS), “Digital Storytelling of Black German Feminism”
11.15-11.30h Break
11.30-12.30h Keynote: Carolyn Guertin, “Transmedia Technoscapes and Imagined Worlds”
12.30-13.30h Lunch
13.30h-14.45h Session 2: Games – Codes – Artificial Intelligence (chair: Jérémie Pelletier-Gagnon)

  • Jonathan Cohn (EFS), “The Folklore Mechanic: Toward a Third Gaming Culture”
  • Astrid Ensslin (MLCS/HUCO), “Linguicisms as Markers of Socio-cultural Inequality in Videogames”
  • Geoffrey Rockwell (Philosophy/HUCO), “Palantir – Telling Stories with Software”
  • Vadim Bulitko (CS), “AI-driven Experience Management for Fun and Training”
14.45-15.00h Break
15.00-16.30h Session 3: Frames – Spaces – Places (chair: Astrid Ensslin)

  • Margaret Mackey (SLIS), “Landscape, Memory, and Literary Lives”
  • Jason Purcell, Dylan Bateman & Jennifer Quist (Canadian Literature Centre), “Getting Inside the Bag: Building a Digital Research Archive”
  • C[h]ris Reyns-Chikuma (MLCS), “Are Digital Comics still Comics?/La BD digitale est-elle encore une BD?”
  • Matty Flores (FoE), “Superhero Stories and Why They Matter: The Origin of the Real-Life SpiderMable”
  • Kris Hodgson (FoE/Lethbridge College), “Virtual Reality/ 360 degree storytelling: the future of journalism”
16.30h-16.45h Final discussion: Digital Narratives Around the World – Moving Forward
16.45h Close